Leads Who Are Actively Looking For Your Services In Your Area

Advertising to the Needles in the Haystack Not The Whole Stack

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AI Advertising and Targeting

We advertise to the 3% of your area who are actively looking for your services. Like we said, advertise to the needles not the haystack. Our machine learning program can pick out the people who are actively looking for your services now and we advertise to them on the platforms they use most.

Site Tracking

Our system monitors user behavior on your website and allows you to reach out to them directly after they have visited your web page. We collect the name and email address of those who visit your website and then you can reach out to them.

Automated Outreach

Our system automatically tracks, records, and contacts your leads for you with a text message, voicemail, and email as soon as they reach out to you. Making your response time and response rate nearly instant– leading to significantly higher close rates.

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If you want significantly lower acquisition costs, and a higher ROI, we’d love to talk with you.

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